La Vieille Grange



For this very exciting project, the Monts et Merveilles team transformed the interior of a traditional village house, keeping its original local larch timber frame.
PLACE: Serre Chevalier
YEAR: 2023
SURFACE: 120m²
INTERIOR ARCHITECT(S): Studio Monts et Merveilles
PROJECT MANAGER: Studio Monts et Merveilles
PHOTOGRAPHER(S): B. Bodin / Céline Magnier

The original stone wall was kept, restored and re-sealed with lime.

This old barn was turned into a comfortable and practical holiday house while keeping its original charm.

On the ground floor, the entrance door opens onto a ski room with a spacious cupboard.
The original stone wall was kept, restored and re-sealed with lime.
On the floor, the old raw larch floorboards were sandblasted, cleaned, mended and oiled.
The ceiling was rebuilt using old beams. Old-wood cladding was added between each beam to give the room back its original aspect.
A large glazed-steel partition was perfectly adjusted to the staircase to separate the entrance hall from the rest of the house, preventing the cold from getting into the house without breaking up the volumes.

A large bathroom can also be found on this floor.
The walls of the shower were rounded for more smoothness, while the ceiling was covered with openwork old wood cladding boards. Indirect lighting gives a softer ambiance. Each board was fixed, independantly pegged to give access to a technical space located inside the suspended ceiling.
The stone basin and backsplash were made-to-measure to fit the dimensions of the room, supported by a fitted unit made using old wood to match the ceiling, with two large drawers.
A tall cabinet completes the storage options of this room.

The technical zones, electrical switchboard, heating, hot water tank were all hidden inside units or behind facades under the stair-case.

Local larch-wood was used for the lower stair-case which gives access to the kitchen and dining-room on the first floor.

The materials that were used are sober; lime-plastered walls, old wood cladding to recall the timber framing, old larch flooring and matte black lacquered steel.
The matte black lacquered kitchen facades hide electrical appliances. Only the cooker and wine cellar are visible.
Touches of old wood can been seen on skirting boards and handleless grooves on drawers.
The counter is made of black granite.
The country home style dining-table was made-to-measure.
A large glass dresser is used as a platform to increase the surface of the living-room located half a floor above.
An aerial sheet-metal staircase gives access to the upper floors.
A first bedroom is accessible by sneaking under the staircase.

Each piece of furniture, bookshelves, sofa-beds were made according to the rooms’ original layout, meticulously respecting the original elements that were kept.
A second bedroom located under the eaves is found behind the bookshelves and accessed using an old-fashioned door-handle.

The master bedroom is on the top floor.
Through a large glass partition, there is a beautiful view over the slopes of Serre Chevalier through roof windows.
The bathroom and its freestanding bathtub and suspended basin open up on the bedroom. Ciment tiles were used in the bathroom to give a colorful touch to the ensemble.

Special attention was given to the upholstered bedhead and to the wardrobe, which is built into the timber-framing.