The Nest Chalet

The Nest Chalet

Interior Architecture / Interior Design / Furniture

When renovating this authentic traditional house built in 1721, the surface was optimized to ensure maximum comfort.
PLACE: Serre Chevalier
YEAR: 2016
ARCHITECT(S): Studio Monts et Merveilles

70 square meters of comfort and authenticity

The framework was entirely redone to create large openings on the outside to bring in light, while retaining the charm of the original stone walls.

From the custom-made « Plummett » grey mat veneer kitchen on the ground-floor, the oak staircase made out of old railroad ties leads to the first floor. The forged steel bars give the staircase a very aerial look.

The living-room and master bedroom are on the first floor. The structured sawn oak flooring has a natural oiled finish. The walls and sliding pocket doors are clad in old wood. At the center of the living room, a glass slab on the floor makes a shaft of light on the kitchen central island on the floor below. The coffee table was partly made out of glass to enable the light to simultaneously traverse the table and the floor.

Old wood in the spotlight…

The old wood’s authenticity inside the chalet contrasts with the ultra-modern aspect of the lighting hidden in the framework and the minimalist design furniture.

A 2,5 metre screen comes out of a larch beam embedded into the framework, transforming the living-room into a private cinema.

A large sliding door disappears into the wall and leads to the master bedroom. The Alcantara bedhead softens the oak frame; the backlighting enhances the old wood walls. The wardrobe can be opened by simply pressing on the doors and drawers.

In the bathroom, an Asian-style wall tile decorates the walk-in shower. Railroad ties are used as basin counters.

In the basement, an authentic vaulted room is used as a guest room and music room. The ambiance is very soft, and the lighting brings out the texture of the local stone wall.